Corporation health, safety and environment policy

Environment protection
P r e serving and improving safety and occupational health level
Continuous improvement

By having trained and experienced human force, Valad corporation works as an economic institute
which conducts construction projects in different fields such as planning, engineering, providing
equipment and construction with regard to technical, safety, qualitive and economic basis.
This corporation has made its main policies on the basis of the followings and has committed
itself to effective conduction of items given below:
Commitment to continuous improvement and work force preservation, personnel health, and
decreasing work related accidents by identification, evaluation and hazard control and setting goal
for mitigating present risk of the projects with regard to the competent and correlated organization
rules and observing national safety and occupational health regulations.
Preservation and maintenance of corporation properties and equipment , environment
preservation including air, water and soil and living creatures and identifying and controlling
apparent environmental facets in accordance with occupational health and safety national
rules and regulations.
Health, safety and environment integrated duties in every single affair along with faith in
this topic, success in this field is one of the most important part of corporation activities. Give
special care to hazard caused by work and decreasing them as low as possible in order to
achieve in amiable goals.
Efforts in preventing accidents
Personnel strong belief of cooperation in observing health, safety and environment policies
and trying to embed this culture in the organization.
Preserving and improving corporation national reputation
Comprehension and conduction of this policy is the responsibility of cooperators and
monitoring and reporting of that is the responsibility of management representative.
By revising management system which is done in specific frequents, I control continuous
improvement, conduction and effectiveness of this policy .