Velayat boostan


According to become one of the requirements of urban green space in the metropolis of Tehran, garden province, southwest of Tehran, bird castle built at the former airport. The park has 300 hectares and facilities such as amusement parks and track cycling and motorcycling is Sqfdar. Valad engineering team succeeded landscaping and green space with an area of ​​80,000 square meters in the province gardens project within less than three months to finish.

The project also has various recreational facilities, amenities include:

Motor axes pedestrians, bicycles, carriages, recreation and garden paths

Chapel tent in the sixth set of two ladies and gentlemen,

Spaces for children and adolescents to number 12

Wellness spaces for adults, especially people with disabilities and special children

Chess site with land and large beads and tables for playing chess

Indoor and outdoor theme park

Parking 3,500 per four-part series apart from each other

Crisis sites to number 3 with earthquake-resistant construction sites with high degrees

Restaurants and traditional tea

A library and a large tank

Park police and security buildings set

Shhrkvdk re-trimming using air constructions police

Salons and wedding celebrations and ceremonies