About Us

Boland Valad Company was established in the year 2002. This company commenced its
activities through gathering a group of experienced managers and professionals in the field of
construction and road construction and has completed its contracted projects in the national
level during the term of company’s activities in mechanical and electrical installments and
managerial fields.
This company is one of those companies who set and direct their activities based on the projects
structure, in this method, this company is active by taking benefit from the viewpoints of the
relevant experts and has provided a motivating environment for the company employees
and established specialty teams in different working fields, inter alia, building, architecture,
structure, electrical, and mechanical and enjoy the required readiness to render technical and
engineering services in the following fields as a mean to enable the company to meet the
needs of the company clients properly and further render services with highest quality:
• Designing, calculating, consulting, supervising and contract managing of different civil
• Managing and implementing all the constructional and electrical and mechanical
installations works.
Boland Valad Company establishes cooperation groups, whether solely or through partnership
of other companies and is able to implement the following contracts.
1. Lump-sum priced contracts,
2. Cost payment contracts,
3. Work unit value contracts,
4. Contract management contracts,
5. Project management contracts.