QMS Policy

Quality Management System Policy

Boland Valad Company is active in the fields of designing, purchasing, constructing and financing building, urban development, road construction projects and generally any type of civil and non-civil projects in the local markets. Understanding the importance of focusing the organizational processes and continuous improvement of the same as a competitive advantage and establishes, generates, monitors and continuously improve the quality management system and collected all the pillars of the company from the implementation of this system along the following bases:

  • Focusing on continuing the cooperation with the current customers and entering in the new target markets,
  • Effectively taking benefit from all the company’s resources and capacities to increase productivity in all the main and supporting processes,
  • Promoting company brand.

Evidently, in this path, achieving the requests and expectations of all the stakeholders and increasing level of their satisfaction have been the main target and the company pursues the following targets to comply the qualitative rules and requirements:

  1. Increasing customers satisfaction,
  2. Increasing organizational efficiency and productivity,
  3. Excellence of human resources and promoting their level of qualification,
  4. Taking benefit from the required measures for the excellence of company brand,
  5. Focusing the company businesses functionalities to increase shareholders level of satisfaction,
  6. Promoting the level of capability and satisfaction of suppliers.